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A person that love to hide her feelings up,shy to express her sadness with her friends sometimes. Don't talk about herself much but love to tell jokes.She is finding a way to express her feeling. Yea through Blogging :) Totally,idiotically and soppily in love :)

Hello Miawww

Hello Miawww

She is not the worst, but failed to be the best.

She is not the worst, but failed to be the best.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017



还是要想下working holiday呢 🙆🏻 
我想去做我要做的事 我会更爱我自己 
别再做傻事了. 记得 爱你的人 在乎你. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Missy turned into Lady.

Like Mama like missy! 
Harlow my little daughter, missy. 
I want to post a blog to remember today as its my daughter's first period day. 
Finally she had became a woman 🙈 pretty lady but yet still a little baby inside my heart 😍. 

Mama felt so guilty because I accidentally cut her finger instead of finger nail  😭 another bleed again. Sorry my dear daughter 😭😭😭😭

I'm grateful to have missy in my life. If this is a dream, pls don't wake me up then. Thank you missy baba 😍 bear bear! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our first V Day.

At first, I thought my boyfie will be getting me a puppy since he talked a lot about that recently but after that he seems like he couldn't make it. I'm quite sad at first because I thought I can have a puppy lastly as puppy is very cute and active so I can play with puppy. (Very keen to play with puppy)! 
My boyfie told me cannot make it as the puppy got diarrhea so our Valentine pressie will be postponed. I'm sad of course because it's our first V day and plus I'm quite moody for these few days (kill me pls) 

But last night he told me he changed his plan, pressie also change. So I thought I will be getting pressie similar to Pandora since I'm not getting Missy. I know I'm not getting any item from Pandora, just fuck all Pandora, nah. No way. 

My mind set still remain as getting puppy for my pressie till he told me in the car that he is not getting any puppy but secret pressie. I'm quite sad 😭 but my boyfie said he can become a dog to woof woof at me. 
So let's see what's the secret pressie 

At the moment he opened the door, omg. 😭 you can see something white is moving in the cage.
Turning round and round. I just can't believe my eyes and I was startled ! 
OMG. Is Maltese. At last we name Maltese as missy, 小姐.  
Nothing is prettier than our missy. ❤️ 
But our missy likes to lick everything, like everything. My hands, legs, skirts, watch, EVERYTHING NON STOP
Boyfie said missy still in the stage of exploring. 

Our Vday dinner ! 
I set my menu and my boyfie cooked for me ☺️ 

Spaghetti with bacon, mushroom, eggs 
Red wine and cod fish ❤️ 

Red wine with candle. 独光晚餐 😂
3 in 1. Economic Romantic and Sincere

Yum yum 😍 

After scrumptious dinner, we went to Pet Save to buy some toy for our missy. ❤️
Missy is just too cute but still quite noob HAHA! 
Our kind of Vday ain't like others, have a fancy fine dining, receiving super expensive flower roses. 😍 
My kind of Vday, we cuddled together and sleep 😂. Because it's so tiring for today. 

My dear, thank you for everything you did, for missy and the dinner ❤️ 
It's not easy to search for missy and get all the ingredient to make it for our dinner. ❤️ 
I know my dear loves Missy very much and taking good care of our Missy as once Missy barked, my dear will quickly go and check. HAHA. 

Thank you my dear 😢. 给你满分. 

我男票厉害哦 不用拿戒指绑着我 
拿missy来绑我 ._. 

The next day we went to sunway velocity to buy Missy's new bed and toys. 

As you can see in the photo 

I just melted by looking into her innocent eyes. OMG. It's like, what toys you want just go and get it, I buy for you. 

Missy do you love your new bed and toy? 
Baba and mama chose for you one 😍

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You do know your parents love you so much. 
Why are you doing this kind of things to them. 
Pls. Kam Yi Lin, get through this and get a life. 

Ba ma, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


6个月快乐 我的笨熊 原来已经6个月了 
有人闹脾气 说6个月了 怎么什么都没跟他说 
很有情绪的那位 HAHAH. 如果给他看到这句 他会SAD 
不用紧 有时候你会很帅很霸道这样  
6 个月了 
我想对你说 可不可以对我好点. 就这样. :) 
有时候 你说的话 会影响我 静静不出声 也是 
我太烦了 我应该安静点 
我就很想跟你说话 很舒服 那么简单

Sunday, October 23, 2016

明明就很爱睡 很累 可是就是想跟你说多话 就算没说话 知道彼此在线 也感觉安心 可是 明明就很累 不敢说要去睡觉 那只熊却比我早睡了 然后留下我 眼睛闪闪的看着墙壁 睡不着了. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

总是 很害怕从头开始 因为总会想 毕竟都走了那么长的一段路了 现在 回头不是太浪费时间了吗
可是 只能对自己说 一辈子 太长了 这是我的人生 现在我快不快乐 幸不幸福 满不满意 只有我知道
勇于承认失败 并且重新再来 其实是对自己负责

有时候真的会被语录打败了 让我沉思熟虑 有没有在对的方向
我的顾虑太多了 真的太多了 因为我知道 有些事 经不起再一次
当你忙着寻找别的石头 为什么不把手上的石头给磨亮呢
再要不是 爱情不是 适不适合因为世界上没有100分的人  而是有没有包容着对方

我辜负太多了 我好愧疚 我过不到心里那一关 是不是没有画上完美的句号 至少我们没有遗憾

*It breaks my heart how people go from 'I will never leave you' to 'You aren't what I want anymore.'
这句 不是对于我 对于以前的 太贴切到我愧疚了

怎么了 2 个月的恋情 至少让我用2年的时间去彻彻底底的忘记 
我以为3年的恋情 半年就会好了

如果 这样的我 你接受不了 让你心痛让你讨厌 我会尊重你的决定. .. 

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